Hudson Township Zoning Ordinance and Master Plan

After struggling for several years to complete a zoning ordinance update, Hudson Township in Lewanee County, Michigan hired ENP & Associates to complete the update and revise its master plan. With a population of just over 1,300 residents, Hudson Township had a limited budget for planning and zoning, typical of rural township. Within two years of signing the contract, ENP had enabled Hudson Township to adopt an updated zoning ordinance and master plan, under budget.

The updated zoning ordinance has a lakefront zoning district tailored to the changing needs of year round and vacation homes on Posey Lake, while maintaining an agricultural district in compliance with case law on the Michigan Right to Farm Act. The Master Plan process established a work plan for the Planning Commission and empowered them to make connections with the Hudson Area Schools and the Southern Michigan Center for Science and Technology to bring high tech training to the Hudson area.