ENP Conducts Economic Development Study for the Hamlet of Lambertville in Bedford Township

ENP & Associates is in the final stages of completing an Economic Development Study for the unincorporated Hamlet of Lambertville in Bedford Township.  ENP conducted a similar study of the Temperance Hamlet (also in Bedford) in 2003.  A copy of the Executive Summary of the Temperance Study can be viewed here.

The goal of the study is to suggest ways to improve the interactions between businesses and homes in the “old” part of town – the historic center of Lambertville.  The process has included: a written and web-based survey of residents, a community profile, interviews with business owners, interviews with staff, a windshield survey, and a visioning workshop.  We just finished finalizing recommendations for the Township to improve the unity of the area, make pedestrian improvements, and changes to the zoning ordinance to facilitate the mix of uses. The draft plan (warning: 6MB file) can be viewed here.