Berrien County Base MapENP planners began the process of revising the Berrien County Comprehensive Plan in October, 2008.  In collaboration with Crescent Consulting of Midland, MI, ENP planners have completed the plan and the County Board of Commissioners formally adopted it on January 28, 2010.

View the Berrien County Master Plan (5.1 MB/.PDF)

The ENP team utilized a unique approach to future land use planning for Berrien County, looking at the County as a series of unique “landscapes” rather than segregating uses as is typically done.  This approach allowed us to create a plan that recognized the various types of communities and environments located in the County and develop preservation strategies appropriate for each.

One unique aspect of the public input process was a series of “expert group” meetings.  These meetings, organized around the major topics covered in the comprehensive plan, include leaders from agencies and organizations throughout the county.  The Expert Groups serve a dual purpose: 1) to see what information is available in that subject area and ensure that the data we have gathered so far is correct and 2) to hear from the “experts” about the most important issues facing the County.  Their input is used to shape the rest of the process and create “buy-in” from important stakeholder constituencies.