The ENP Difference

We are partners with our clients, sharing expertise and knowledge

At ENP, we are partners with our clients, sharing expertise and knowledge. We passionately believe that the best public policy come from engaging community members and their leaders in a constructive dialogue. Our role, as consultants, is to facilitate dialogue and then translate the community’s vision into realistic plans and policies.

We recognize that every project is unique. The diversity of our clients and project shows our flexibility and range. Our clients range from rural townships to non-profits to city governments. We have successfully completed projects with small and large budgets, as well as managed short-term and long-range processes.

We bring experience to every project. Our team members, whether on our staff or a sub-contractor, are seasoned professionals with awards, publications and fellowships on their resumes. They can draw from a depth of experience to find examples and solutions.

Finally, we create realistic products. Our plans are written to be implemented. Our ordinances are enforceable. Our community engagement processes are designed to reach a course of action. We measure our success not by how well the document is received, but by what happens because of the project.