Our Mission:
Facilitate planning processes that include effective, hands-on mechanisms for citizens to provide input.

We also promote the use of GIS and visualization technologies to help citizens and local officials better understand the impact of proposed developments and policies. With this understanding, citizens and policy makers can make more informed decisions about their communities.

Available Products & Services

  • Visioning sessions
  • Survey development
  • 3-D renderings and fly-throughs of development patterns
  • Visual representations of zoning ordinances and policies
  • Visual pattern and preference surveys
  • Growth scenario activities
  • Hands-on workshops 

How ENP can help

ENP Planners can help you get productive public input into your planning process.  We will figure out the best method for your specific population and situation.  These methods may include: meetings, written or web-based surveys, or engaging people at community events.  We can even help you turn people with negative comments into positive forces for your planning process!  Contact us to find out how.

Visual Surveys

Visual preference surveys are a common tool for gauging public opinion on different design options.  However, visual surveys can also be used on a larger scale - to allow citizens to see how different policy choices will affect the look and feel of their community and can help people realize the trade-offs oftheir decisions.

For example, visuals that show how different densities look from a birds-eye perspective as well as on the ground can make potential changes to a zoning ordinance more understandable.  And questions about whether people would be willing to make sacrifices (higher taxes, for example) to realize a certain image in their community can make survey results more useful to local officials. Contact us today to see some examples!

Alternative development patterns used in visual surveys

These types of illustrations are used to demonstrate the impacts of various zoning techniques on the landscape of a community.

Visioning Services

Our specialty is bring people from communities together to articulate a vision for their future.  Visioning sessions and workshops are one way to accomplish this. 

Activities at a visioning have to be interesting and productive for participants to feel that their time was well spent, and for decision-makers to get the input they need.  Different formats, meeting types, strategies have to be used to keep the public engaged. 

Example: Visioning Session

Images of different street level design scenarios, used in a public visioning session on the future of a small downtown area.

Example: 3-D models of development patterns

Illustrations of alternative development patterns can be converted into 3 dimensional fly-throughs. The fly-through helps people get a sense of what the character of their community would be if different zoning and development tools were implemented.

Example: Growth Scenario Game

During a visioning session, citizens are allowed to allocate projected growth in the areas of their community where they feel it's most appropriate. Other data, such as existing land use, natural features, and public services, are provided so that participants can make more educated decisions about where development should go, and at what density.

Latest Public Input Projects