Our Mission:
Help communities design innovative, inclusive planning processes that are tailored to make sure that the residents feel comfortable participating. Local planning should be collaborative in order for plans to succeed. We promote hands-on public involvement, so that citizens can participate early and often in the planning process.

ENP planners help communities take their plans and visions and translate them into reality. Specific implementation strategies are included in all of our projects. We are committed to remain with our clients after the plan is complete to forge inter-governmental partnerships, work with developers on projects and make changes to local ordinances and policies.

Available Services

ENP offers a wide range of planning services, including:

  • Long-range planning:  comprehensive plans, multi-jurisdictional plans, visioning, parks and recreation plan and build out analysis
  • Short-range planning: zoning ordinances, site plan review, capital improvements plans, rezoning and special use permitting
  • Special projects, including historic preservation, urban agriculture analysis and economic development 

How ENP can help

ENP Planners can provide short range planning assistance to your community at a level that works for you.  Our planners are available on an hourly or flat-fee basis, and can provide office hours if needed. 

The assistance of a professional planner is crucial for a community to maintain and enhance it's quality of life.  Contact us today for a consultation and see how ENP can help!

Long Range Planning

ENP specializes in visionary, inclusive long-range planning processes that help a community develop a vision and then acheive it. 

ENP Planners are the leaders in multi-jurisdictional planning in Michigan, having designed regional planning processes in several southeast Michigan communities. Our standard is an open process that brings local units, counties, school districts, businesses, interest groups and citizens together. The process equips multiple communities with the tools to envision and create a desirable future. The Regional Plan then functions as a blueprint for a region's future, and includes specific steps for the communities to make it happen. If you are interested in finding out how a regional planning process could work for your community, or would like to get one started, please contact us.


Chelsea Area Regional Plan:

Short Range Planning

ENP currently provides short range planning services to several communities, including the City of Howell, Sharon Township,   Webster Township and the Village of Holly.

Our continuing services to our local government clients include:

  • Site plan review
  • Rezoning requests
  • Special Use Permits
  • Zoning Ordinance amendments
  • Zoning Board of Appeals support
  • Historic Districts

Latest Planning Projects